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5 Questions: EHS will have first cheer and dance festival

November 12, 2009

Cheer and dance groups from around the area will be performing at Eudora High School’s Elite Cheer and Dance festival at 10:30 a.m. to Saturday at Eudora High School.

Admission is $4 at the door with all proceeds from the festival to benefit the spirit groups of Eudora High School.

EHS Spirit Squad coach Robyn Kelso talked about the event.

Q: How did the idea for the event come about?

A: We (coaches Janelle Arb, Jessica Vogt and Kelso) have been chewing on this idea of hosting a festival aimed at small schools for a while now because festivals we have attended in the past have been oriented to large schools with lots of talent and skill on their squads, whether cheer or dance. We wanted to provide a festival where small schools could showcase their talents without feeling like they were competing with bigger schools and a personal experience for all of our participants.

Q: How will proceeds from the festival be spent?

A: We aren’t sure we are going to make a whole lot of money this first year as we get established, but any money made will benefit the high school cheer and dance groups of Eudora.

Q: How many schools will be performing?

A: Four schools plus the two teams at Eudora: Eudora Cheer, Eudora Dance, Riley County High School Cheer, Santa Fe Trail Dance, Paola Dance and Baldwin Cheer,

Q: What do you think the cheer and dance squads mean to the school?

A: I think the athletes appreciate the cheer and dance teams efforts at games. We are most likely to be seen at football and basketball games, but we do try and support all sports. In the past, we have handed out medals at home cross country meets, made posters for volleyball senior night and performed at soccer games.

Q: What do you think the cheer and dance squad members get out of their participation?

A: I don’t know if the rest of the school and community knows how many hours we put into fundraising, learning and perfecting routines, attending camps, clinics and conferences. By attending a festival, the groups get to connect with the broader cheer and dance communities and a chance to show off the skills and routines that we might not always have a chance to showcase at an athletic event. If folks come out on Saturday, they will see individual solos, stunt groups, ensembles as well as team performances. It’s really a great chance for these dancers and cheerleaders to showcase all aspects of their areas — to really show off.


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