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Food: Fair trade — A soup swap with friends helps fend off winter’s chill
January 23, 2013
For several years now, I’ve been in the habit of planning a small party in late January or early February. Nothing like the big gatherings that happen over the holidays — just something little to look forward to and help pass the time during this cold, dark part of the year.
Food: A healthier, faster take on risotto
January 16, 2013
It took me a few attempts, but I eventually figured out how to have my whole grains and my thick and creamy risotto. And it was simple.
Tonganoxie resident’s barbecue team appearing Sunday on Pitmasters
January 2, 2013
Truebud BBQ outcooked hundreds of competitive barbecuers last year, but will the local team be able to smoke its competition on national TV? Find out this weekend, when the Kansas City episode of BBQ Pitmasters premieres.
Food: Simple but sensational: Homemade chips, dip for entertaining
January 2, 2013
I was visiting friends when one of the hosts spontaneously began making homemade crackers from corn and flour tortillas. It wasn’t planned, but it was delicious.
Food: Festive meatballs are party-perfect
Though too tangy and sweet for pasta, this recipe is just right as a stand-alone appetizer
December 26, 2012
Sometimes failure can end up tasting pretty good. It certainly was the case with these meatballs.
Food: Find the freshest ingredients for frothy homemade eggnog
December 19, 2012
The best eggnog of the season is the frothy, cloud-like and homemade.
Food: Miracle of oil inspires Hanukkah treats
December 12, 2012
Decadent treats are common fare for many holiday celebrations. In Jewish culture there’s a religious reason behind this — at least during Hanukkah.
Food: Sugar and spice — 12 days of holiday cookies get pizazz from pantry ingredients
December 5, 2012
If there are 12 days of Christmas, wouldn’t that merit 12 days of cookies? This lineup of a dozen varieties has sugar, spice and everything nice. Each recipe is inspired by a common spice cabinet resident.
Food: Bison, the other red meat, gains popularity
November 28, 2012
Nothing says “Yum!” like a bit of nomenclatural confusion… Especially with a side of near extinction. But that’s what you get once you venture down the culinary path with bison, an alternative red meat that is showing up at more and more grocers nationwide.
Food: Rugelach: A Jewish cookie you can give to anyone
November 20, 2012
You don’t have to be Jewish or celebrate Hanukkah to love these rugelach, which is made with sour cream instead of cream cheese, making the pastry lighter and flakier than most rugelach.
Food: Great turkeys need great classic sides
November 14, 2012
The turkey may be the centerpiece, but a classic Thanksgiving dinner simply isn’t complete without a bevy of traditional sides.
Food: Thanksgiving is about tradition, so don’t do fancy
November 7, 2012
Year after year, the glossy food magazines scream that you have to tart up your turkey and pimp out your pumpkin pie. But the truth is, when it comes to Thanksgiving, most of us don’t want exciting, new-fangled dishes. We want classic, comforting food.
Food: Recipe for Cider Brined Turkey with Sage Gravy
November 7, 2012
The flavors of apple cider, brown sugar, sage and black pepper end up being at once subtly sweet, but also boldly savory.
Food: More than just another sausage — a chorizo primer
October 31, 2012
At its most basic, chorizo is a sausage made from chopped or ground pork and a ton of seasonings, often including garlic. The flavors are deeply smoky and savory, with varying degrees of heat. Most are assertive and peppery, but not truly spicy.