A group organized for the purpose of promoting and supporting fatherhood by raising awareness of the value of fathers in Douglas County is being formed. It hasn’t been named. Which name would appeal most to you?

Response Percent Votes
Dads Matter
63% 19
Dads of Douglas County
30% 9
Focus on Fathering
6% 2
Total 30


mfearing 5 years, 5 months ago

DOUG - Dads that are Dedicated, Open, Unselfish, and Good.


pikefisher 5 years, 4 months ago

Where do I sign up? Please give out more information on this group,...It's about time fathers started standing up against the sad state of affairs of family law in this country...The unspoken reality that courts assume children of divorce should be with their mothers rather than their fathers is not only absurd, but doing serious damage to millions of children. The craziness that a lot of us fathers and our children suffer at the hands of mixed up mothers who game a system that hands them all the levers would sicken most people if only we had a way to shine a light on this horrible reality. Kent Lauridsen


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