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Eight injured in early morning accident on K-10 in Eudora
December 13, 2009
Eight people were taken to Kansas City area hospitals early Sunday morning, following a one-vehicle crash on Kansas Highway 10, about a half-mile east of the Church Street exit in Eudora.
No rush in search for new EHS baseball coach
August 2, 2007
Now that he has left Eudora, former coach Dirk Kinney’s success could help the program secure a new coach, Eudora High School athletic director Dave Durkin said.
Summer season wraps with loss to Raiders
July 26, 2007
Eudora may have finished its summer baseball season with a 6-10 record, but coach Steve Swanson could not find much to complain about.
Danger zone
July 26, 2007
Spring brings the sounds of baseball. The crisp ‘pop’ of a fastball hitting the catcher’s mitt, the lazy murmur of the crowd and the sharp ‘ping’ of the ball rocketing off of the bat. But in some regions, one of these noises could be missing by the time next season rolls around.
Runners shake attitudes at annual Horsethief Run
July 19, 2007
Horsethief Run relaxed, successful.
Bred for speed
July 19, 2007
Eudora brothers on the track after a life spent around racing.
Big boys’ toys
Blaine Miller’s only 8 years old, but nothing can slow him down
July 12, 2007
The closest most 8-year-olds come to driving a car is steering a “Hot Wheels” toy across the floor.
Rain still looms over summer baseball
July 12, 2007
Eudora baseball coach Steve Swanson is hoping that when spring 2008 rolls around his team will have used up all its rainouts and injury troubles.
No end to baseball’s season
July 5, 2007
Last Wednesday was not a great day for the members of Eudora High’s summer baseball team. First, there was the persistent downpour that turned the infield dirt to mud. On top of the rain, Eudora had to deal with a steady deluge of hitting from Bishop Ward High.
Home grown
July 5, 2007
Many people consider the arrival of summer a long-awaited and welcome occasion: a chance for rest, relaxation and sunny weather. But for sports fanatics, summer in Kansas is nothing to look forward to.

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