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Be happy — skip the resolutions
January 1, 2003
Perhaps it is the holiday spirit, the excitement of Christmas, the onset of a new year, but one thing is for sure, changes are coming. I really haven’t put a finger on it, but I have many questions and unfortunately no answers. My query is a simple one, and I have not found a true answer.
Football victories reflect many contributions
November 21, 2002
I would like to recognize all the young people in Eudora for their successes these past few months. Now, I know the first thing that comes to mind is the football team, and I will get to that later.
Put your money where your kids are
October 17, 2002
In a day and age where investments are about as unpredictable as the Kansas weather, one must ask: Where is the best place to put your dollar?
From the principal
November 15, 2001
I truly believe that as I get older, I actually get a little smarter, well okay, a little wiser. I now realize that I have discovered the secret to learning.
The little things make the grade
September 13, 2001
Prior to the start of school, I was visiting with a friend and we were discussing what “truly” makes the difference in education. Ironically, we both agreed at the same time that it wasn’t the big things that were happening, it was the small things that make the difference. The conversation then went from education to life in general. This includes everything we do as part of a normal day to include parenting.
New faces greet returning students
August 23, 2001
As hard as it seems, the time is once again here when kids no longer are allowed to sleep in and bed times are enforced. Gone are the afternoons at the swimming pool, playing baseball and hanging out with friends.
Principal looks back at school year
June 7, 2001
We have all come to realize that throughout our lives, there are changes. Sometimes these changes are good and sometimes they aren’t. It is like dwelling in the past and remembering “them good old days.” As much as I hate to say this, I can remember my parents telling me about back when. In fact, I have reflected on my past much to my children’s delight. Their reaction is the same as yours, who cares, which is the point.
Parents, educators share common goal to make a difference
May 10, 2001
Another school year almost gone
April 26, 2001
Just in case you haven’t noticed, the sun is shining, the temperatures are warming, tolerance levels may be diminishing.
Recognizing life’s true winners
April 12, 2001
I want to share with you a story that is moving in many ways. It says a lot about our own children as they strive for success in a world that is throwing them many curve balls.

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