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Several file for 2009 city and school district elections

I see some good names on the list. I hope everyone looks into all the runners .Good luck to you all.

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Grosdidier concerned by possible legislation

United City & School Plan on its way to help out.Check out the blog page. Input wanted please.( I dont think taxpayers are ready to give any more now or in the near future) The mil rate is bad enough now and people are hurting very bad.

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Downtown street changes poorly planned

I do have to say i am not happy with some of the finals on the repairs. 1- The drain just east of 8th & Main st is about 6 " too high and the water pools about 60ft back to the east on 8th st about 10" deep in spots. 2- The curb outs stick out too far and the parking angle is too sharp 3- The light pole just to the north of Cutters Smokehouse makes it almost not passible for a wheelchair and drops off into the gutter (very unsafe) Those are just a few issues i have found for now.I think the designer and engineering was way shaby, way shaby on this update.The basic design i think is great, but as for the real nitty gritty of engineering, that is poor as heck.

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Fire and EMS calls

Good job guys and gals, Thanks for giving your all to keep us safe.
Randy , you have a great crew, Thanks again.

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Support needed

Just a quick reminder. More non smokers die every day that do smokers.
If you want a non smoking business, build it and run it that way. Do not tell someone how they should run a business.You who tell a person what is best dont know squat and go by untruthful research that is way off base. Even government studdies are not conclusive to (if smoke hurts anyone 100% ) It is THOUGHT to, but not for sure.
Hire smokers to run a smoking business, non smokers to run a non smoking business.
Even non smokers enjoy a smoke now and then.Cigar or a smoke after dinner or a few cocktails.
What it boils down to is , mind your own selves and invest your wasted energy and time in saving poor people from starvation or help kids who need homes, but leave smokers alone.
Do good in a good place Do Gooders, but leave businesses to the respectful owners who bust there butts to keep the doors open and employees working.
Drinking is much worse and kills more people than do smokes.Spend time on that issue.

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City considers buying Durr house

WOW this is very cool what an idea. I feel this is an awesome use and am 100% behind the city on this deal.A way to save the old home and make a historic site for people to come to Eudora to see it.way to go, thanks city leaders, great job if you can gitter done.
Keep us posted.

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