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New administrator Harrenstein to begin work this week

Good Luck! Hope you last longer then a year dealing with Hopsen and Whitten.

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‘No U-turn’ signs to be posted on Main Street

That's what two solid yellow lines in the street mean. Go back to your drivers manual

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Hildebrand declines offer to become Eudora city administrator

Did the mayor run this person out of town also. Hildebrand must of heard about the city and some of the council members.

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Council hires new top man

maybe he can stop city employee's from driving home in city truck on city's time to check on their mail. It happens all the time

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Beatty to become Clay Center's first city administrator

Angry, R u the one employee that sextext yourself while at work and now you like your job back ? You should of lost your job and a lot more

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Eudora Truth Part # 2

So I take it eudoransince94 you didn't understand that a yes vote for the school ment yes for the bond and a yes vote for the 1 to 2 years means it passes and we all can blame the commisioners for the high price of gas and tthe air we breath also

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Tazers in Eudora? Fox 4 report about tazers

Shocking Greenman lol

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Tazers in Eudora? Fox 4 report about tazers

Imatt you r way out of touch with the world your quot(Cops are just becoming more and more weak. Weak in the mind and body)

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Ballot question...on Dept Heads.

Where to start City Manager/Administer Salary. Eudora $78, 0000 DeSoto $84, 0000
Seems compatible the city needs management. Like the one said take away the position and the city will become stagnant and nothing will get done.

The ballot issues thanks to the one city council member the city now has to split the cost. I also read that this council member has no plans for running for mayor or council seat, But just this last week I heard him say he's running for mayor. He also has plans to appoint 2 to 3 new department heads and get this one is his brother! No plans ha!

The 150th celebrations were great. ( Thank you! ) The city did thank its volunteers with the social and the mayor did recognize them. I also heard the Eudora fest committee thanks its volunteers they also gave special thanks to the city crew volunteers by name for there help. Woo the city crew were not volunteers they were paid to be there. I bet that they wouldn't have been there if money wasn't involved.

Last this is one that really upsets me. Our beloved Council Member who wants to be mayor writes blogs on this site about the city. He critics the city and other things just to stir the pot. I find this sicking and that he stoops this low to create controversy. It truly sad he represents the city... He does so that he can be anonymous. Be a man

Well I vented other then that. Lets behappy

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Cruel Pool

IN the Lawerence paper today. So it's done all over. They should of invited Michale Vick

Pool wraps up season with party for pets
Email Post a comment iPod-friendly Print September 5, 2007

Photo by Thad Allender

Brianna Collicott, left, 11, and her friend Michelle Minor, 11, attempt to coerce Cisco, a 1-year-old rat terrier, into the water at the Lawrence Outdoor Aquatic Center. Hundreds of Lawrence dogs soaked themselves - and their owners - in the pool Tuesday during the fifth annual Pooch Plunge, an event that signals the end of operations for the aquatic center until late spring of 2008.

Photo by Thad Allender

Becky Ettredge joins a pack of dogs for an afternoon dip Tuesday at the Pooch Plunge. The event is designed to allow local dogs a chance to swim in the pool before city workers drain and clean it.
Pooch Plunge hits aquatic center

Swimmers in downtown Lawrence this afternoon didn't need to worry about wearing bathing suits, putting on sunscreen, or even staying on a leash. Watch

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