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Pump up the volume: New Kansas Turnpike interchange to bring more traffic to Eudora

Took 1 to MCI airport today. I think that its short by about 15 miles. Easier drive but cost $1.25 each way.

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Moore to back health care reform package

Dennis is getting a little smug. No town meetings for him. No meetings with constituants, doesnt answer letters or email, and now gives us this press release. I voted for him several times in the past but now I have a "press release" for him, I wont vote for you again.

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Holy Family to celebrate 150 years

Does any one know when the pictures was taken?

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Hardware store closing due in part to lack of housing starts

Sorry to hear about this. That stored saved me a lot of trips to Lawrence. Eudora has a long history of not supporting local business and so it seems nothing has changed.

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Renovations made to Eudora landmark

When I was growing up in Eudora my friends and I were convinced that the place was haunted. On Halloween we would dare each other to go there for "Trick or Treat." There was a very old lady living there and we were all very scared of her. I am very glad that it is being restored because it is very much a part of Eudora history.

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