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Where’s the hospitality?

July 20, 2000

I am fairly new to the Eudora area, since moving here in March of this year I have been extremely disappointed. I was told what a great place this was to live and raise children.

The children that I have met have more manners than the parents that I have encountered. I am aware that this is a select few considering the population of Eudora, however I thought that maybe it would improve over time. Well needless to say it hasn't improved at all.

Whatever happened to being neighborly? Have the people in my neighborhood not ever had anyone being neighborly? You would think that in such a "nice" neighborhood that if someone had a problem with you that they might just knock at your door, introduce themselves and then make at least an attempt at introducing their concerns face to face rather than with profanity, throwing things, or cursing anyone entering your residence.

But in a neighborhood of self-righteous, self-proclaimed Christians only two neighbors have made an attempt at being humane.

This includes city employees, state employees, as well as military leaders and fathers of seven. What has happened to the small town that was so great to raise children in?

I have lived in various cities across the United States and have been treated with more respect in an apparent gang-ridden, over populated inner city.

My point is that if Eudora plans on growth maybe the members of this community would think more about keeping people here instead of how to get them here.

Eudora is a beautiful town with a lot to offer. I think that this could be the place to raise my family, but the neighborhood that I live in (by West Elementary School) definitely is not new neighbor friendly. Maybe a note in your hometown paper might prompt some of these people to reconsider how they treat others.

I would also like to add that, the majority of people that I have met otherwise (police officers, school employees and various other customer related people, such as clerks at the stores) have definitely made up for the neighbors that I have encountered and should be applauded for being the only reason that we still reside here.

Thank you so much for your time.

Kim Waller, Eudora

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