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They turned out from all over

November 9, 2000

At least one Eudora family went home happy after Saturday nights football game.

Now, before we run these traitors out of town, you need to hear the whole story. While Mary Delene and Gene Born were happy Eudora got as far as it did, they couldnt bring themselves to cheer against their own grandson Byron, who plays for Hiawatha.

Plus, with a granddaughter and grandson in the Redskins band, its understandable the Borns would be sitting with the Hiawatha fans, and not just because a bunch of them commandeered a section of the bleachers on the Eudora side and carried it over behind the Redskin sideline.

Joanne Born graduated from EHS in 1972, and met her husband, Mark Noll at Kansas State (seems like a lot of Eudorans go to K-State, and it has nothing to do with Nick Warren or the nightlife, surprisingly enough. Its like they actually like the school).

After college, the Nolls moved to Hiawatha where a whole contingency of Nolls farm, including Joanne and Mark and his parents. As fate would have it, Joanne got to come home, see her folks and rekindle some friendships while hoping her alma mater would take it on the chin.

We were watching the scores the whole year, Joanne said. We kept seeing both schools win, and then we said, wouldnt it be something if we ended up playing each other, she said. Bingo, it happened, and here we are.

After 25 years, while Joanne calls Hiawatha home, she still has an affinity for Eudora.

It still has the small town atmosphere, Joanne said. I think its important Eudora kept its small town atmosphere because thats what makes it special. Its neat to see this excitement. This has got to be an exciting thing for both towns.

The Nolls make the two-hour drive to Eudora every couple of months, and before the game Saturday, she strolled over to the Eudora side, but not to do any taunting. "I went over and said hi to some former classmates. It was kind of fun having a little reunion," she said.

As much as she likes Eudora, she doubts that shell ever live here again because of her husbands family roots in Hiawatha. His whole family farms there, so I dont think well ever move back. It was hard at first because Hiawatha is a lot like Eudora in that everybody knows everybody. I kind of felt like an outsider, but over time, Ive become that way. Now I know everybody, she said. I do miss having family around though.

Saturday nights game was a family affair for many Eudorans. The Whitten family had four generations attending the game, including Brent, who plays for the Cardinals, his folks Lori and Bill Whitten, his maternal grandmother and his paternal great-grandfather. Additionally, his aunt, a great-aunt, cousins, and of course, his little sister all attended the game.

Of course, it wouldnt be a Eudora event if there werent a pile of Pyles running around. Roberta (Pyle) Lehmann and her husband Dirk attended the game to watch their nephew Andrew Pyle play. Andrews grandparents Tom and Alberta Pyle watched nervously from the stands with Andrews parents, Joe and Andrea, Robertas sister-in-law, some cousins, and most of the seven Pyles who graduated from EHS over the years.

Roberta, the youngest Pyle, or the one at the bottom of the Pyles, chose not to bring her kids to the game.

Maybe Ill actually be able to watch the game instead of going to the concession stand all the time, Lehmann said.

She added that there were 13 in her EHS graduating class that went through school from kindergarten to twelfth grade together. No doubt, most were at the game with the rest of Eudora Saturday night.

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