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All Pro Dad coming to Eudora

August 18, 2005

Steve Kendall takes fatherhood seriously.
He also takes sports seriously, but not as serious as being a good father.
One day as he was surfing the Internet he came across an ad for All Pro Dad, an organization originally started by National Football League players to promote good fathering.
He said he clicked on the link and knew he found something he wanted to be involved with.
Now, after many phone calls and a lot of organizational work he's ready to launch the first All Pro Dad, chapter in Kansas -- right here in Eudora.
"If it helped the dads get to know their kids and vice versa, it's something I should pursue," Kendall said.
He began working with Brian Davis, director of All Pro Dads, to set everything up so Eudora could have a local outlet to improve a father's role in family life.
"The idea is to use the platform of sports to get them to their job," Davis said.
Although the kickoff won't happen until October, it will be promoted in conjunction with the Eudora Parent Teacher Organization's Donuts for Dads at Nottingham Elementary School. With more time to go, Kendall is already prepared for a long run.
"Right now we have a rotation of about eight speakers," Kendall said.
The guest speaker is a highlight of the breakfast program.
"Basically those meetings will be a breakfast. Each dad will introduce his kid," Kendall said.
Then there will be drawings at the end for donated items.
The speakers will be from all walks of life.
" You just have to be a positive role model. You don't have to be a football player," Kendall said.
Although the kickoff for the event will be on a Tuesday, the majority of the meetings will occur on the second Thursday of each month.
Kendall also stressed even if a child doesn't have a father who can attend, they'd be welcome at the breakfast.
The breakfasts are just one aspect of what All Pro Dad could offer to the community.
"That's just the idea that we really need to get dads in school, and in their child's academic life," Davis said. "It's just a fun way for schools to get dads more involved."
Apart from the breakfasts, All Pro Dad offers daily e-mails that provide instruction and entertainment to fathers. The organization also offers seminars for fathers to focus on their skills.
Kendall looks for the local chapter to grow.
"On the national average, they seem to grow pretty fast," Kendall said.
Normally a group might begin with 30, then the next meeting may have 60.
"It seems to double, but there might be a saturation point," Kendall said.
Davis also sees the program growing locally.
"Hopefully the next time we talk we'll have a dozen or more schools participating in the greater Kansas City area," Davis said.
Davis focuses on helping volunteers get started.
"We encourage our subscribers to take the next step from a passive reader to an active doer," Davis said.
Each chapter Davis helps start brings All Pro Dads closer to its goal.
"It's all about dads doing their most important job well, and that's being a good father," Davis said.

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