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Just the facts

June 2, 2005

As I read through The Eudora News, as I do every week, I came to an article that was very misleading. This article that I am pertaining to is "Wrestling coaches aim to teach hard work, spirit." There were a few points that I would like to make.

First and most importantly, this Eudora Junior Cardinal Wrestling Club is not replacing the original Eudora Wrestling Club. The EWC has been the kids' wrestling organization for eight or nine years, and will always belong to the kids.

The coaches have always been there to support the kids during their matches, and have even made other events outside the EWC. The coaches' work is also all volunteered. They are not getting paid as they teach the kids respect and good sportsmanship. They are dedicated to help the kids and have never let them down during a meet.

The EWC is still continuing for the kids who want to wrestle, and the Eudora Junior Cardinal Wrestling Club cannot, and will not, take that away.

In the article, it sounded like we had been doing many fund-raisers for a couple of years, when in fact, the first fund-raiser ever done by the EWC was in the 2004-2005 season.

The point I am trying to stress the hardest is the fact that the EWC is not being replaced. As far as I am concerned, we still have kids on our roster and will continue to grow in numbers.

This is not a competition between the two clubs; this is not to see which is better. Sure, there will be some rocks for both clubs, but these clubs are made for the kids, not for the trophies.

Kim Bruner


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