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Walkways knit city together

April 13, 2006

Even after an unusually mild winter, these early April days seem like a gift. To be outside in the ever-present Kansas springtime breeze and taking in the pastel beauty of another growing season reborn brings a resurgence of energy and feeling of liberation after the harshness of winter.

The days are also a gift before the more hectic days of May, when the calendar seems to become more crowded with a crunch of events. Now, we all have time to enjoy the lengthening evenings.

With the weather balmy, the air fragrant with blooms and insects yet to metamorphose to the pest stage, it is a time given to us to rediscover the community. The perfect way to do so is to shuck the car and enjoy the surroundings without the remove of a car window.

Get reintroduced to a neighbor, visit an old friend, make a new one or simply walk the city's sidewalks and trails to discover once again what an interesting town Eudora can be.

Downtown, a stroller might notice just how eclectic that business section is with its Tea Room and examples of Victorian storefronts, the jewel of CPA Park and the Pilla home.

Much is made of small-town atmosphere and what it means. Surely, safely strolling a community's walkways would be part of that definition.

As the city grows, the Eudora City Council should consider how trailways can knit a desperate community together and not only work to develop some for the city but ask developers to provide them in future subdivisions.

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