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Police officer’s actions wrong

July 12, 2007

I would like to tell all of the firefighters that battled the blaze on Locust Street that they did a fabulous job. But, I cannot say the same about a particular police officer who was on the scene. As news spread that there was a gas leak, not one officer let any area residents know of this except for the people who had to leave their homes. Being the Fourth of July, there were fireworks going on around the area. One young man was at Seventh and Elm streets when he lit a firework into the sky.

One officer went over to the young man and used what seemed to me too much force and handcuffed the man and almost drug him to the patrol car. This young man was barefoot and was not resisting arrest. As a result, the young man's mother or girlfriend was trying to figure out what was going on, and she got bombarded with nasty comments by the officer.

Does it make you feel more like a man to handcuff a young man who didn't know there was a gas leak? Wasn't it the police officer's job to make sure the public was aware of what's going on? Shouldn't they have blocked off a big stretch of neighborhood? I, for one, would like some answers. This never should happen.

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