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Days gone by

March 1, 2007

7 years ago


February-March 2000

Kaw Valley Bank executive vice president Don Bagby announced plans to retire after 43 years at the local bank. His last day would be March 31.

Bagby started his career at Kaw Valley Bank right out of high school. He was only 18 when his principal, D.E. Kerr, recommended him to Bill Mercer at the bank.

  • Pyle Meat Company, the Eudora producer of jerky and beef sticks, was granted United States Department of Agriculture approval following a federal inspection, meaning their products could be shipped with the USDA package label.

The successful inspection also granted the local business access to all 50 states and any foreign market that recognized USDA standards.

  • Fourth-graders in Marilyn Stuit's class performed Little Red Riding Hood at Eudora West Elementary School. Chorus members were Brittne Carey, Brittney Orosco, Jake Winkler, Fabian Fernandez, Kyle Merkel, Jim Adams, William Jones, Chris Cannon and Krista Beedle.

15 years ago


February-March 1992

Eudora Junior High School eighth-grader Chrissy Hunt won the all-school spelling bee. She competed against Eudora's other representatives to the Douglas County Spelling Bee.

Other eighth-graders representing Eudora were Bryan Cribbs, Melissa Hewitt and Corrie Jackson; seventh-graders Julie Douglass, Trina Williams, Lisa Sollars, Lacey Masoner and Ronni Rhodd (alternate); sixth-graders Keith Dunavin and Wes Bateson; and fifth-graders Sara Josling and Aubrey Clifton.

  • About 50 people attended the inaugural Eudora Chamber of Commerce meeting at Holy Family Catholic Church. The meeting was the first in a projected annual series and was preceded by a social reception and evening meal.

Assistant Secretary of the Kansas Department of Commerce Jerry Lonagan was the guest speaker.

  • Residents at Pinecrest Apartments formed a kitchen band known as the "Kitchen Klutter."

Bertha Armstrong was the piano player and Elva Jordan was the band leader. The band consisted of 14 members including a wash tub player, Charles Rose, De Soto. Kitchen items furnished the melody.

28 years ago


February-March 1979

Eudora High School had an open house to let townspeople have an opportunity to view the 61-year-old building, built in 1918, and decide for themselves what needed to be done about the ailing facility.

The Eudora residents, about 20 in all, were confronted with a leaky roof that hadn't been able to be repaired because of bad weather, and the damage that had been caused by water.

  • The City Council approved the rate of burial for cremation at $25 for the opening and closing of the gravesite with the stipulation that the ashes were to be buried by the cemetery sexton only.
  • Eudora High School junior Cheryl Cawley and senior Dale Carnagie were chosen as Queen and King of Winter Sports.
  • Joyce McDaniels gave a slide presentation of Southern California and Hawaii to residents at Eudora Nursing Center.
  • Terry Miner spent several days with his parents, Herb and Helen Miner, before returning to Oklahoma City.
  • Roberta Malburg was a new volunteer at the Eudora Nursing Center. She gave manicures to residents once a week.

70 years ago


February-March 1937

A 15-foot steel span on the north end of the Kaw River Bridge was pulled off by an ice jam. It was to be replaced by a new steel span.

The old span, which went down with machinery belonging to the Massman Construction Company of Kansas City, was to be taken up and repaired, if possible. The steel of the old span was to be salvaged and sold for junk.

The steel was so badly twisted, it could not be straightened and it would need to be replaced.

  • Eisele and Son Hardware Company installed a furnace in the home of Mrs. L.K. Robinson.
  • Miss Garnett Hughes returned to her work in Chicago after spending a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Hughes. Miss Hughes was a special dietician at Wesley Memorial Hospital.
  • Sam Beadleston was recuperating from a tonsillectomy.

72 years ago


March 1935

Numerous Eudora people distinctly felt a light earthquake. Dishes rattled and windows shook at 5 a.m. one morning, arousing sleeping people.

A few minutes after the first tremor another followed, not so severe as the first. The early-risers were alarmed when they heard strange goings-on in their pantries.

"Some of the citizens turned over and went back to sleep; a good many didn't even wake up."

  • Mrs. Clarence Hausman helped Mrs. Gideon Breithaupt quilt one afternoon.
  • Herman Trefz was awarded the contract for the pump to be used on the city well, just south of the city hall.

The pump was installed and several people were seen carrying water from the well.

  • The Earl White family of the Prairie Center neighborhood had the misfortune of losing a cow with rabies.

Earl and daughters were taking the anti-rabies treatment at Dr. G.A. Pearson's office each day.

114 years ago


February-March 1893

  • Henry Abels, O.G. Richards, Thomas Rayson and Will Lothholz were in Lawrence between trains.
  • "Fall Leaf can boast of a lightweight pugilist. His name is Elmer Crummett, about 22 years of ago. He was the bully among the boys at school and concluded to try the teacher when she undertook to correct him. For a while there was quite a tussle between the two. The teacher knocked him down twice, but not until the boy struck and knocked her down, scratching her face and biting her arm in two places quite badly. With help from some of the scholars, the teacher finally succeeded in tying him to a desk until his father came to the rescue and thrashed him severely. Let us hope he will do better."

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