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Letters: School board questioned

February 26, 2009

I ask the Eudora USD 491 Board of Education one simple question. Who do you think your fooling ?

You say Nottingham Elementary School is not fixable and not safe for our school children to enter. You say you have no money to repair it and add onto it to fit more students. Now you want to use it to hold cooking classes and put students right back in harm’s way.

How dare you lie and try to fool us , the people who pay your wages and give you jobs. Nottingham should be sold to the highest open bidder for commercial retail space.

We the people are mad and going to shut your ideas down. You will not waste a possible lifeline of cash for the district in such a foolish manner.

You are being watched closely and the old days of waste are over and done with.

We won’t fall for the decaying building scandal like the downtown school situation , that led to the mess we now have and the debt we can barley pay back.

Matt Montgomery



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