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Local pharmacists truly appreciated

To the Editor:

August 17, 2000

The Eudora Area Historical Society would like to thank Alf Oleson, his wife, Dorothea, and Paula Winkler for attending the EAHS meeting July 12 and participating in the program titled "Eudora Pharmacies, Soda Fountains and Sundries." It was most informative and entertaining.

A special thanks to the Olesons for providing a hometown pharmacy for which Alf has worked very hard, offered service at off-hours, all of which has been offered in friendly and sincere manners.

Thanks to Paula Winkler and Stan Byrne for continuing to provide for Eudora in the same spirit originated by the Olesons. Alf was instrumental in bringing Dr. Kenneth Holladay to Eudora.

The former pharmacy was located in the same building that now houses Miller Agency Insurance at 711 Main. Memories of the soda fountain (including the recipe for a "chocolate mud") Alf offered back in the 40s, 50s and 60s were recalled at the most recent EAHS program. Root beer floats were served in the Oleson's honor.

Eudora residents should take note that Alf Oleson and his family have contributed greatly to the small town atmosphere that Eudora has enjoyed for many years.

Thanks to the guests and to the EAHS members, a piece of Eudora history was recalled, enjoyed and recorded. Without such programs, Eudora's history would be forgotten and lost.

The society is continuously aspiring to accumulate more members and to acquire space to exhibit and preserve our local history. The Eudora Area Historical Society members are primarily retirement age and would like to attract younger members to continue our efforts. Who will preserve Eudora's history should the Eudora Area Historical Society cease to exist?

Those wishing to continue the memories of the small, friendly town we cherish are invited to attend a meeting of the Eudora Area Historical Society. The next meeting will be at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2000, in the Eudora City Hall meeting room. The program is titled "Eudora Postmasters and Mail Carriers."

Many current and former Eudora postmasters and mail carriers will be invited to share their memories. The public is invited.

Rex Burkhardt

President, Eudora Area Historical Society

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