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Getting the word out

Citizen committee to hit streets to inform residents of bond issue

August 16, 2001

As the November school bond vote gets closer, a group of Eudorans will be informing voters about the issue.

The bond committee, headed by Kim Schulz and Karen Sanders, already has about 25 people either participating or interested, most of whom found out by word of mouth.

"It's just really in a growing process right now," Schulz said. "I'm expecting this number to double in the next month."

Superintendent Marty Kobza emphasized that the committee is separate from the district. His only involvement, he said, was to make sure it was formed.

Although teachers are not allowed on the committee, their spouses are. Schulz said while most of the committee members are parents of schoolchildren, a few community members and business owners who don't have school-age children joined.

"It always touches me when people who don't have children still have the social commitment to work on things like this," she said.

The committee will utilize members' different skills, such as soliciting funds, speaking to civic groups and forming the committee's Web site, which is still under construction.

"We're right there getting at that point in the process of matching jobs with talent," Schulz said. Aside from the Web site, the next project the committee has in the works is a pamphlet detailing information about the bond.

"It's our job to make sure all the information is accurate," Schulz said. "There's a lot of integrity at stake."

Committee members tend to be in favor of a new high school, she said.

"We're not running into much opposition at all," she said. "It's too much work for anybody who would be opposed."

The school bond issue is important to Schulz because it affects children at almost all grade levels.

"It involves three different buildings, and there are special questions for those three different buildings," Schulz said.

She encouraged anyone interested in joining the committee to call her at 542-2281.

"I'd love to get the word out that we can use all the work anybody can give," Schulz said.

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