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USD 491 Board missed opportunity to emphasize goal

March 18, 2004

The Eudora school board agreed last week the series of building that used to house the middle school will now be known as the Eudora Community Learning Center.
It's a functional if dull name. But the decision seems somewhat at odds with the district's recent discussion of the need to preserve a sense of community history in planning for growth.
Board members intentionally declined naming the center for someone in the community. Emotional attachments make that too difficult a process. Still, it must be agreed a building or site named for a person has a warmer feel than one named for its designated use.
It would appear the Board could have taken some of the emotional sting out of the process by stipulating, for example, that buildings be named for someone dead 50 or even 100 years. Surely a little research could reveal forgotten personages important to the community's educational history that it would be appropriate to honor.
If done in a creative way, selecting a name could have provided a history lesson to the entire community -- one that would be repeated every time someone inquired why the building was so named.
Such a name would accomplish in a small way just what those in the district's long-range planning committee claim as one of its goals. It would remind all that Eudora was not built in the past decade and that past accomplishments contributed to the Eudora of today.

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