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Bust nets police illegal drugs, weapons

November 10, 2005

After receiving an anonymous tip four weeks ago, the Eudora Police Department raided a house on Ithica Court and discovered a trove of contraband drugs and weapons.

The raid occurred on the evening of Nov. 3 as the department executed a search warrant and confirmed the anonymous report of suspicious activity.

During the bust, officers arrested 22-year-old Dustin E. Stoneking for possession of the controlled substances.

The inventory of weapons, which included a sawed-off shotgun, AK-47 and a bulletproof vest, came as a surprise to the officers, Police Chief Greg Dahlem said.

With the help of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office's drug-sniffing dog, Gero, officers found a stash of illegal drugs that included marijuana, morphine, other prescription pharmaceuticals and methamphetamines. The officer's also seized paraphernalia ---- five smoking pipes, scales, cash and a book on how to roll joints.

District Court Judge Stephen Six officially charged Stoneking Friday with possession of the controlled substances.

Stoneking later posted a $2,500 bond before his Wednesday court date.

Dahlem said Tuesday he strongly expected a continuance, or official delay, of Stoneking's court appearance.

With one set of charges hanging over Stoneking, another could soon be on the way. Weapons charges could be filed against Stoneking, Dahlem said.

"The paperwork for the additional charges are expected to be sent to the district attorney's office this week," Dahlem said.

As of press time, no weapons charges have been sent to the district attorney's office.

In Dahlem's view the raid was a success regardless of what happens in court. Any amount of controlled substance officers can get off the streets is great, Dahlem said.

The existence of some weapons didn't come as a surprise. When officers have a search warrant, it's not uncommon to find weapons in the house of a suspect, Dahlem said.

"But to find a sawed off shotgun and an AK-47, that's something you didn't expect to find," Dahlem said.

Stoneking has had warrants issued against him in other counties, Dahlem said.

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